About Me

About Me

Eileen Bailey is an award-winning author and blogger.

Did you know that person in college you could always go to for help writing a paper? That was me. I started writing at young age. In middle school I discovered the typewriterIMG_4450-3 and would sit for hours at the dining room table writing stories.

In 1999, before the term “web content writer” was coined, I was doing just that. First for a site I developed for ADHD. Since then, I have written extensively for sites such as HealthCentral.com and About.com. My work has appeared on ADDitude Magazine, Huffington Post and ThoughtCo among others. Since 2010, I have had six books published and am currently working on my next one.

I write about ADHD, anxiety, depression, skin conditions, general health, learning disabilities and parenting. It is my hope that I can share information to help people make informed decisions about their life and health.

Whatever your writing needs, I can help. Writing is what I do.